Not only did Joni with "Signature Portraits by Joni" do an amazing job with our wedding photos, she went so far above what a photographer should have to. I was having major wardrobe malfunctions and she kept having to stop and pin my dress back together. Thank goodness she came prepared! That being said, Joni did a phenomenal job with our wedding pictures. Of course she made sure to get all of the traditional photos of the wedding party and family, but she also had so many original ideas for my husband and I. She really did come up with the most breathtaking shots, even when the weather was not cooperating! You could tell Joni really enjoyed what she was doing and liked to try different poses which was a lot of fun and the pictures came out great! She even walked around with us to do our table visits so we were able to take pictures with our guests, which we thought was a great idea! The time just flies by and when it's all said and done their are very few tangible things to remind you of your special day. The pictures capture all those cherished moments that you don't want to forget. Joni really did an incredible job with our wedding pictures and we are so pleased with what we have to remind us of our wedding celebration! Joni truly is brilliant and if given the chance to work with her again we definitely would.

Bonni Breece Stephenson

I have known Joni a long time and she does beautiful work, she is creative, and easy to work with. A great photographer to have capture your memories!


Bianco Rich

  • Joni is absolutely the best when it comes to capturing those special Kodak moments in your life. She is FUN to work with and makes everyone feel great. Joni is much more than just a picture taker. She is an artist and will make your family look better than you thought possible. And all at an amazing price. Her work is priceless. I rarely make recommendations like this but have NO problem recommending Joni at Signature Portraits by Joni!



    David Brownell-

    Joni does a great job with kids and adults of all ages. She is very easy to work with and always makes you feel comfortable and at home. Joni has a way of getting those perfect pictures in group photos Joni has done our photos for over 15 years .Everything from birthdays to graduation to family portraits. I would recommend Joni for any and all of your photographs. Everyone we have sent to her has been amazed and thankful to have found her.


    Norma Heirmerle

    Joni took gorgeous communion pictures of my grandson and I highly recommend her.


    Mindi Ellison

    Joni has been taking my children's  pictures since 4 days after the birth of my first child(almost 9 years). I would never hire anyone except her for any type of photography and I am always amazed with how wonderful the pictures are.I recommended her for 2 of my closest friends’ weddings and they have the most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen!Joni does it all and does an absolutely amazing job.Thank you so much, Joni!